Our Food.

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We have changed a lot over the years at our little shop.  Our kitchen has become the epicenter and reason for that change as we have continued to immerse ourselves in a continual education of our food, our environment, our families & friends, our staff and our community.   In all of it, "food" is such a common unifier and critical element of who we are.

Sustainable food is becoming more and more important in the telling of that story and the experience for our guests.  For us as a restaurant, I decided that it was critically important to be able to tell our community the food we were feeding them was good for them, but even more importantly to be able to tell them from where it came.  "What am I feeding my community?" matters as a question, and I feel responsible to answer.  Not in some metaphysical quest, but just in how we operate our kitchen each day. 

To that end, sustainable food is our mantra. 

Simply put, it is food sourced from farmers, fishermen, purveyors, and individuals who share a common philosophy of providing food that in harvesting, does the least harm to our environment, with minimal impact to other species of fish or animal, and is done in the most ethical manner possible. 

I will elaborate on this in future post I am certain, but it means that I know where every item you will eat in this restaurant comes from - I know which waters the Mahi was caught; I know it was fished in a manner that didn't create unnecessary "by-catch" (other fish caught in the process and discarded as useless); I know where the goats graze, and often what they eat, of the goat cheese on your salad; I know the farmer and the farm who provides the beef for your cheeseburger. 

We approach how we do food here with this reasoning because we know it is the best product we can provide and that it is the healthiest option that we can put on your plate.  It will nourish our guests. It requires we cook with the seasons and change our menus based on the availability of ingredients. 

I love working with food.  I feel privileged to be a part of a chain that nourishes our community through a small part of their day in meals they eat in this restaurant.  Meals that came from local and regional ingredients planted by farmers, harvested by fishermen, and delivered to us to craft into a dish just for you.  Every morning we walk in our kitchen and turn on the lights and plan our day, considers that path, and works to make it the best meal you have today.